Sleeping on a good mattress and pillow prevents back pain

A third of your life is spent sleeping on the bed. So paying attention to where you spend the night is critical to avoid back pain and health problems. Taking care of the pillow and the position in which you lie is also important.

Weight, height and the way of sleeping each person count on when choosing a good mattress and one or more pillows. To comment on this subject, the well-being of this Friday (5) invited the orthopedist Ivan Rocha, of the Hospital das Clínicas of São Paulo. The doctor participated along with the physical trainer, responsible for passing a series of exercises to prevent pain in the cervical and lumbar spine,neck, and shoulders.

Sours a year in bed. Individuals who prefer to lie on the net spend a lot of time in a single position because they can not turn right. Also, the “V” shape concentrates the weight on the hips and lumbar, and the only advantage is the elevation of the feet, which can reduce any swelling and facilitate breathing. Sleeping on the couch or sofa bed is also not the best solution and should be temporary during a brief nap.

One should not feel ashamed to try out a new mattress in the store. It is necessary to lie in it, to feel it in the most diverse positions and to consider the individual characteristics of who will use it, such as neck size, shoulder height, and hip. Also see if the material does not cause any nuisance, if it does not deform easily and if the edges do not sink.

It is also important that the partner or partner is present at this time because the same mattress will not always please both.

When lying on a bed, either sidesleeps or belly upsleep; the spine should remain aligned.There can be apain in the hips, shoulders, lumbar spine or cervical from the mattress. The basin should not be too deep or raised. And the mattress can not give away easily. For those who lie on the back, a pillow underneath the knees helps to align the body.

Manufacturers recommend changing the foam mattress every five years and the spring mattress every 10. A pillow lasts, on average, two years, but it depends on the use. It is important that the material does not sink too much throughout the night. And remember that both the pillow and the mattress have a useful life and should regularly be replaced.

When analyzing your mattress, if there are bulges or sagging, unfortunately, the time of the exchange has passed for some time. One of the easiest ways to check if it’s still good is by trying a new one. So you can compare it to the old one.

To sleep well, it is also essential that there is routine. The place should be adequate, and there must be a slowing of activities so that the body begins to relax to the point of getting to sleep.

In the studio, the orthopedist stated that the cold could worsen back pain, especially when waking up. But as the body warms up, discomfort usually subsides. One tip is to always set the posture, not only at night but also during the day, at work and in the activities in general.

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